Daniel Habif

Motivational Speaking

Daniel Habif

Daniel Habif is a master of personal development and a lover of faith. His influence as a writer and public speaker in the world of communication, business, and advertising have led him to become one of the best and most important Spanish-speaking lecturers in the world.

He is the leader and creator of the global Inquebrantables (Unbreakable) movement and his Bestseller by the same name sold 500,000 copies worldwide. As a first time author, Habif’s well-known dynamic voice provides inspiration and motivation as well as practical exercises to help readers overcome personal obstacles in areas such as family, love, marriage, career, and life.

He has 30 years of experience in the communication industry, where he has taught training programs on leadership, marketing, creativity, human resources, and sales. He has shared the stage with President Barack Obama, Sir Richard Brandon, Ken Segall, and other iconic leaders like Vice Presidents, Governors, Nobel prize winners, and international leaders in Sports, Music, Technology, Philosophy and Philanthropy. Habif has been on stage at the Latin Grammys, Premios Juventud, and Premios Soberano, among others. He has worked with International Forums such as the Economic Forum, International Innovation Forum, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Senado de la Republica. In 2019, Daniel Habif participated in Venezuela Aid Live, a benefit concert dedicated to promoting humanitarian aid for the crisis in Venezuela. The concert was carried out on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, where the words and message of Habif was streamed to millions of people.

As a leader he has created transformative experiences and seminars for national and international companies, and universities throughout America. He has worked with professional soccer teams, baseball teams, boxers and other high level sports professionals, as well as business boards, and non profit organizations.

Habif’s desire is to continuously share his techniques to optimize his followers’ lives. He seeks to provide the inspiration and tools for his audiences to create their own destinies and achieve their dreams through individual action and personal development – to the greatest number of people possible.

In the past two years, he has had over 380 appearances in over 170 cities visiting nations such as Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Mexico, United States, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Bolivia, and Paraguay, appearing on the greatest stages, achieving resounding success, and reaching millions of people on his sold-out world tour. His digital content has reached over 2 billion people, and over 70 million people visit his social media pages monthly.


– 237 million views on YouTube

– 8.7 million followers on Facebook

– 7.2 million followers on Instagram

– $102,613 avg. gross

– 1,883 avg. tickets sold

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