SALSAPALOOZA is a celebration of Latin culture with an evening of all salsa hits! Roots provides a number of veteran salsa musicians as headliners – Andy Montañez, Tony Vega, or Charlie Aponte – and a list of supporting artists who have all had hits of their own, giving you the opportunity to tailor the line-up to your specific needs and demographics! We will help arrange a local MC from your Latin radio station to moderate the night, making this more than a package! This is not only supposed to be a concert, venues can also arrange experiences like a salsa contest for your audiences or even a cookout with Latin food. The perfect event for Hispanic Heritage Month!

Andy Montañez was with El Gran Combo for 15 years producing 37 LPs, including famous hits like Hojas Blancas, Un Verano En N.Y., El Barbero Loco and Vagabundo, among others, until he left to join the Venezuelan group La Dimension Latina. In 2006, Montañez won his first Latin Grammy for Best Traditional Tropical Album and he has since produced successful collaborations like a duet with Puerto Rican singer Ivy Queen of his 1988 hit Casi Te Envidio and many more.

Tony Vega is a Puerto Rican Salsa singer who grew up in New York City where he first played congas in Latin rock bands in the 70s. As a member of the well-known salsa band La Selecta he sang on hits like Cosquillita, Sheila Taina and El Picaflor which led him to be invited to participate in recordings with now legendary Gilberto Santa Rosa. In 1988, Vega started his solo career and his albums Yo me Quedo, Lo Mio es Amor and Uno Mismo won him Gold and Platinum Record Awards. He was further awarded the La Husca Award in Panama and the Agüeybaná de Oro Award for Best Orchestra of the Year in Puerto Rico and he was sent to Spain to represent Puerto Rico when the island was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award.

Charlie Aponte is a Puerto Rican salsa singer, and for 40 years was lead vocalist for the nation’s legendary El Gran Combo. While studying still in college, Aponte developed a solid reputation as a sonero in top clubs such as Lomas del Sol where he was discovered by Eddie Perez, El Gran Combo’s saxophonist who vouched for his solid reputation to Rafael Ithier, the orchestra’s founder and he started his long, successful career. After Aponte retired from El Gran Combo in 2014, he released his solo album, Una Nueva Historia, on Top Stop Music in 2015.

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